Zenless Zone Zero Nicole Demara - Skills, Playing Style & More - Media Referee (2024)

Want to uncover the best skills and weapons for Zenless Zone Zero Nicole Demara? Here is our complete guide to help you out!

Every faction in Zenless Zone Zero is run by an agent. Similarly, the Cunning Hares or otherwise called the Gentle House faction is run by the S-ranked agent, Nicole Demara. Cunning Hares is a human resource dispatch agency and their main goal is to complete missions related to Hollows. Started as a small scale resource agency, the faction has grown bigger and better under the leadership of Nicole Demara.

Zenless Zone Zero Nicole Demara, the young and notorious kid has been the major reason for the Faction’s growth. Her crafty and cunning behavior has yielded lots of profit and the Faction has overcome the tricky financial situation. She’s an incredible unit and always accepts hollow-related commissions. To defeat the enemies in the Hollow world, having an agent like Nicole Demara is vital.

Nicole Demara is a top-tier agent. She deals physical damage and has higher ATK. Nicole Demara’s role is DPS and she wields a long weapon. The Impact rate for Nicole Demara is way higher than other agents and this makes her a dynamic player on the battlefield. With some special skills and talents, you can form the best Nicole Demara build. Here’s everything you need to know about Zenless Zone Zero Nicole Demara skills, abilities, weapons and more.

Zenless Zone Zero Nicole Demara Skills

Zenless Zone Zero Nicole Demara - Skills, Playing Style & More - Media Referee (1)

Here are the best skills and special abilities for Zenless Zone Zero Nicole Demara.

  • Cunning Combo – The Basic Attack skill unleashes 5 strikes and deals heavy physical damage
  • Sub-Attack: Do As I Please – With high ammo, weapons will fire heavy bullets through basic attacks. Increased damage to enemies in a large area
  • Special Attack: Sugarcoated Bullet – The skill increases Physical damage and will launch ranged attacks to close-range targets. Anti-Interrupt level is also increased
  • EX Special Attack: Stuffed Sugarcoated Bullet – A powerful ranged attack will be unleashed generating an energy field to trap enemies to the circle by dealing heavy Physical damage. The skill works effectively at higher energy rate
  • Speed Demon – Perform a rapid dodge. Character becomes invulnerable until the skill is active
  • Dash Attack: Jack in the Box – After dodging an attack, the skill dashes at the target’s location and strikes enemies in close-range. When weapons has high ammo, it deals increased damage to enemies in a large area
  • Dodge Counter: Diverted Bombard – Dodge an attack and press the icon. Vault backwards and unleash a heavy ranged attack to front enemies. The character reloads the weapon after the vault
  • Combo Attack: Ether Shellacking – The combo attack launches a heavy ranged attack and traps enemies by generating an energy field
  • Ultimate: Ether Grenade – The ultimate ability can be launched at high decibel rating. It generates energy field and launched waves of physical attacks
  • Emergency Bombard – The Assist Attack can be unleashed once characters are knocked up. Vaults backward and unleashes a ranged attack to close-range targets
  • Field Expansion – The talent will increase the attack radius of the energy field generated near any target by 3 meters
  • Supercharged Bomb – Use the EX Special Attack to increase the Penetration by 12% for every ally and it will be active for 8 seconds.
  • Concentrated Extension – The energy field generated by Combo and Ultimate skills will be increased by 1.5s
  • Armor Piercer – Use sub-attack and hit enemies to reduce their def by 2% and it also stacks up to 10 times. The effect doesn’t last if you fail to hit an enemy within 12 seconds

Best Weapons for Nicole Demara in Zenless Zone Zero

Zenless Zone Zero Nicole Demara - Skills, Playing Style & More - Media Referee (2)

There are lots of weapons in Zenless Zone Zero. You can pick Crit, Combat or General types of weapons. The weapon tier list also helps you pick up the best weapons in the world.

  • CRIT: Liquidation Envoy – All critical hits from behind will deal 18% extra damage
  • Combat: Infusion Bag – Eliminate an enemy to restore 1% of Max HP
  • Shield: Blast Shield – The shield takes 6% less damage
  • Energy: Barbecue Shot – EX Special attacks will inflict 20% extra stagger
  • General: Insecticide – Weapons deal 10% extra damage to ordinary enemies
  • General: Wooden Slingshot – All attacks will deal 15% extra damage. All attacks will deal 10% extra damage against bosses
  • General: Zoom Lens – If an attack fails to trigger crit hit, it will deal 10% extra damage
  • Duel: Shock Gloves – Stagger multiplier will be increased by 50%.

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How to Destroy Hollows in Zenless Zone Zero?

To wipe out Hollows, you have to join forces with other explorers in the world. Complete PvP challenges and unlock new skills for each character and enhance their talents. The Hollows will invade the New Eridu metropolis frequently. So, you have to recruit the strongest explorers to your squad and defeat them. The battle between Hollows and Explorers in Zenless Zone Zero decides the fate of the metropolis world.

What’s the best skill for Nicole Demara in Zenless Zone Zero?

Nicole Demara, the leader of Cunning Hares is an S-tier character in Zenless Zone Zero. She’s a physical elemental character and plays the DPS role. The best skill for Nicole Demara is Do As I Please. This skill increases her damage stats and it also works in a large radius.

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Zenless Zone Zero Nicole Demara - Skills, Playing Style & More - Media Referee (2024)


What is Nicole's personality in Zenless Zero? ›

The leader of the odd-job agency the Cunning Hares, who accept all kinds of Hollow-related commissions. She's been on the streets for many years, and has a reputation among her peers as being exceedingly cunning. She's been blacklisted by many clients due to her all-or nothing approach.

Who is Nicole Demara? ›

Nicole Demara is a playable agent in Zenless Zone Zero and a member of the Cunning Hares.

How would you describe Nicole in speak? ›

Nicole is an ex-Plain Jane, one of Melinda's former friends. She's a talented athlete, and Melinda sees her as a nice person. As with Ivy, it's not clear if Nicole is avoiding Melinda because she's a social outcast, or because she's simply absorbed in her own life.

Who is the female protagonist in Zenless Zone Zero? ›

Bernice White is expected to be a female playable character.

Who is the pink haired girl in Zenless Zone Zero? ›

Nicole Demara. Zenless Zone Zero Official Site. A mysterious young girl who never talks about her past, almost as if she didn't have one. She is calm and collected, and unusually competent and efficient in combat, almost as if she'd had years of training.

What is the personality of zero? ›

Zero is very quiet in Holes. He does not like answering questions, making people think he lacks intelligence. He is intelligent, but he is not well educated because of his previous homelessness.

Who is the main character in the book Ground Zero? ›


Brandon Chavez is a nine-year-old boy from New York City. He lives with his dad, Leo. His mother died of cancer when he was four. Since then, his dad has been his only family.

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