Transportation Unt (2024)

1. UNT Transportation

  • Parking

  • The Transportation Services department supports the UNT community by providing transportation and parking options each day.

2. Transportation and Parking Services - UNT Staff Senate

  • Specifics on all routes can be found online at A bus tracker app should go live by the first day of school ...

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3. UNT Transportation Services - Facebook

4. UNT: Mean Green - Denton County Transportation Authority

  • The UNT Parking and Transportation office provides additional transportation programs for UNT students, faculty and staff; such as ridesharing, E-Ride late ...

  • DCTA-Providing modern transportation options like rail (A-train) & bus (Connect) for Denton & Lewisville TX, TWU, UNT & NCTC.

5. University Routes - Denton County Transportation Authority

  • DCTA partners with local colleges and universities to provide transit solutions for students, faculty and staff. University of North Texas (UNT).

  • DCTA-Providing modern transportation options like rail (A-train) & bus (Connect) for Denton & Lewisville TX, TWU, UNT & NCTC.

6. UNT Transportation Services - Facebook

  • welcome to call 940-565-3020 or email transportation. if you need anything. Thank you. City of Denton - ...

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

7. Parking and Transportation - UNT Dallas

  • Students contracting for monthly parking must pick up their parking FOB/pass card/badge at the Elm Street Garage parking office, located on the third floor of ...

  • There are a number of surface parking lots near 1901 Main Street, home to the UNT Dallas College of Law. Follow this link for a map of available parking locations in the downtown area. The law school does not recommend one parking space over any other; however, students interested in covered parking should consider the Elm Street Garage, located at 2000 Elm Street, which has a sky bridge connection to the law school.

8. Moving and Transportation Vendors - UNT System Finance Homepage

  • Moving and Transportation Vendors · Pre-approved Furniture Vendors (UNT Only) · Office Supply Vendors. Moving and Transportation Vendors. Vendor, Point of ...

9. Transportation to UNT | Dynamics Conference -

  • The relevant UNT Campus Shuttle routes are the Colorado Express (CE174) and Center Place (CP154), and Evening Off Campus (EOC194) routes.

  • Transportation to and from campus

10. UNT Transportation - YouTube

  • More about this channel ...more ...more. Subscribe. Home. Videos. Search. 3:10. UNT Orientation: College Success Session | Parking and Transportation ...

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Transportation Unt (2024)
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