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Girl names that start with a Q are unique. Whether you are looking for “queenly” associations or just want some inspiration for interesting names with Latin or Arabic origins, or just want something a bit different, see our list of girl names starting with Q to get some ideas.

The Best Girl Names That Start With Q

From the most popular Q girl names to some of our top picks, have a look at these girl names that start with the letter Q.

1. Quinn. Quinn comes from the Anglicized surname for the Irish Gaelic Ó Cuinn. The original Gaelic name has its roots in words meaning “sense,” “reason,” “head,” or “chief.” Quinn was used as a name for boys until the 2000s when the female character Quinn Fabray appeared on the TV series Glee, and since then, it became a popular name (one of the only two girl names beginning with Q appearing on the top 1000 popular names for girls in the United States).

2. Queen. We all know the word “queen” means a female monarch, but after Quinn, it comes in second out of the Q names in the top list of 1000 girl names in the United States. It derives from an old nickname, with roots in Old English meaning “woman” or “wife.” However, today’s meaning of the word is regal and powerful, so it could be a good fit for your little princess.

3. Quincey. This trendy unisex name comes from the Old French for “estate of the fifth son.” Although traditionally it was a boy’s name, it’s become more popular for girls, especially its alternative spellings.

4. Quiana. This name is mostly used by the African-American community. It comes from the word for a silk-like material introduced in the late 1960s and fashionable in the 1970s. It’s one variant of this name.

5. Quinlan. It’s a gender-neutral name that’s traditionally been used for boys, but it’s also used for girls these days. This name comes from an Anglicized Irish surname, Ó Caoindealbháin, with roots in the words “handsome” and “image.”

6. Quỳnh. This beautiful Vietnamese name, which is pronounced “kwin,” means “deep red” in Sino-Vietnamese. It’s also the name of a flowering plant in the region.

7. Quintina. Like most names with quint in them, Quintina has its source in the Latin word for “fifth.” It’s a pretty name for a girl that also sounds unique and sophisticated.

8. Qahira. This pretty name comes from the word meaning “one who wins” in Arabic.

9. Qadira. Qadira comes from the Arab word meaning “able.”

10. Quinta. This name comes from the Latin word for “the fifth,” but is mostly used in English-speaking countries.

Unique Girl Names That Start With Q

Although most girl names beginning with Q are unique as they are, here are a few unique girl names to check out, including Q girl names used in the African-American, Mesoamerican, Arabic, and Vietnamese communities and more!

11. Quanesha. This pretty and unique name is used in English-speaking countries among the African-American community, but it’s believed to come from Jamaica. Some say the name means “life,” others say it means “singing.”

12. Quanna. Quanna is a name used among African Americans. Some English names are adapted to use the phonetic element of kwan or quan, particularly in African-American communities. Quanna is an example of one of these names adding the quan sound to the name Anna.

13. Quetzalli. This lovely and unique name means “feature” or “precious thing” in Nahuatl.

14. Quinella. This pretty name has its roots in Latin and is supposed to mean “beautiful.”

15. Quang. Quang is a Vietnamese name meaning “light” or “clear” and can be used for both boys and girls.

16. Quirina. This Late Roman name is the feminine form of Quirinus, meaning “spear” or “warrior.”

17. Qiturah. Qiturah comes from the Arabic word for “incense” or “scent,” and this Arabic girls’ name could be an especially beautiful choice for your little one if your family has origins in the Middle East or North Africa.

18. Quesia. This is a unique form of Cesia, a Hebrew name from the Bible.

19. Queenette. If you’re looking for a charming variant of Queen, then Queenette could be a sweet option.

20. Quebec. Some of the loveliest and most unique names come from places, and Quebec is no exception. Perhaps you just love the sound, or you have an emotional attachment to the Francophone Canadian city!

It can be so overwhelming when it comes to choosing a baby name. Watch this video for some exciting facts that could help you find the perfect baby name!

Cute Girl Names That Start With Q

If you want a cute Q name for girls, then these names have a sweet ring to them.

31. Queenie. This is a sweet diminutive of the name Queen, ideal for your little queen. Need some more regal ideas? Check out these royal baby names.

32. Qiyara. You’ll find this lovely name across South Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. Qiyara has its roots in Arabic and means “pretty lady.”

33. Quitterie. Quitterie comes from the Latin word meaning “quiet” and is mostly used in France.

34. Quianna. Quianna is another variation of the name Qiana or Quianna.

35. Qwin. This cool unisex name has its roots in the word for “quintuplet.” It can also be used as an alternative spelling for Quinn.

36. Querida. Querida means “beloved” in Spanish, but it’s mostly used in English-speaking countries. It’s a lovely name, and ideal for an adorable, beloved little girl.

37. Quana. Quana is a Native American name meaning “aromatic” in Comanche.

38. Quanda. This American name could mean “slender young tree” or even a variation on “queen.” Its origins are uncertain; however, it’s also possible that it’s a variation on the name Wanda.

39. Quenby. Quenby comes from Old English, meaning “Queen’s settlement.”

40. Quinci. This is a sweet play on the name Quincey, but with a sweet, feminine twist.

More Cute Girl Names That Start With Q

Cool Girl Names That Start With Q

From cool Latin names to alternative spellings of popular names, check out these awesome and cool names that start with Q for girls to get inspired.

51. Quintina. This name has roots in the Ancient Roman name Quintinus, coming from the word “fifth” in Latin. Quintina is the feminine version of the name. Names with the word quintus or coming from this word were traditionally given to the fifth child or the child born on the fifth month. So, if your little girl’s due date is in May this could be a great choice.

52. Quella. Quella most likely means “pacify” and could also probably be a variant of the Catalan name Catllà, a town in northern Catalonia.

53. Quirine. Quirine is the Dutch feminine form of Quirinus, which most likely comes from the Sabine word meaning “spear.” It’s a name connected to Roman Mythology, as Quirinus was a Sabine and Roman god.

54. Qira. If you’re looking for a unique way to spell the name Kira, why not opt for the spelling using Q?

55. Quartney. Quartney is a unique form of Courtney, which comes from the Old French word for “domain of Curtius.”

56. Questa. This name has its roots in the French word meaning “one who seeks.” The word quest comes from this.

57. Queta. If you’re looking for a unique name with Spanish roots, the Queta, which comes from the shortened form of Enriqueta, the feminine form of Enrique, is a nice choice.

58. Queralt. This Catalan name comes from a sanctuary in Catalonia that’s devoted to the Virgin Mary.

59. Quinbie. Quinbie is a variant of Quenby, which means “Queen’s settlement” in Old English.

60. Quylla. This spelling is a cool variation of Quilla, coming from the Middle English word for “feather.”

More Cool Girl Names That Start With Q

Even More Girl Names That Start With Q

The Bottom Line

Ready to keep the baby-naming party going? Why not check out some more unusual letters, like girl names that start with R.

Or maybe you want to keep things international with our picks for Mexican names or French girl names, long names, or even names out of a fairy tale!

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Top Baby Girl Names That Start With Q | Pampers (2024)
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