How To Wear A Takuache Haircut And Not Become A Meme (2024)

Even if you have never heard of the Takuache haircut, you have most likely seen it. This explicit hair look cannot be mistaken for anything else. Blunt straight bangs extended across the head are very eye catching and memorable. The style has another name, the Edgar haircut, and can be also described as the Mexican haircut taking on a Caesar haircut. Yet, despite having a lot of advantages, it is also quite often featured in memes. If you do not want to become its character, then take care to explore our guide with the most fashionable ideas.


To back up our words, we have selected the most fashionable Takuache haircuts and put them together below. So, now your job is to study our collection carefully and pick out the style that resonates with you most.

Takuache Haircut Fade


cut fade is one of the most common ways to wear the style. Thanks to short sides gradually changing in length, the top looks even more prominent. Besides, there are various fade types to choose from, like an Edgar Cuh taper fade or undercut Tlakuache fade. So, everyone will be able to find a matching style.


Takuache Mullet


You can always integrate other trendy haircuts into the El Cuh haircut to end up with a unique and fashionable hair look. As such, for a Takuache haircut mullet is a great accompaniment, as it gives the Cuh hair an unusual touch. You can also take it to another level and try such variations as a Mexican mullet taper fade or a mullet Takuache undercut.

Bowl Takuache


It comes as no surprise that the Takuache cuh haircut has a lot in common with a bowl cut, namely blunt bangs across the head. Thus, why not combine the two into one edgy hair look? A bowl Takuache haircut appears awesome with slightly tapered sides, as it keeps the focus on your face.


Caesar Takuache


Another combo that you can never go wrong with is an Edgar Takuache and a Caesar cut. Because it suggests making your hairline so chiseled, you will need to visit your barber for upkeep quite often. However, this should not be an issue, as the admiring gazes you are going to collect are totally worth it.

Takuache For Curly Hair


As we mentioned earlier, there are no restrictions for Tlacuache haircut in terms of hair type. Moreover, on curly locks, it looks unbelievably defined and textured, which can be more difficult to achieve on, say, straight or even wavy hair. Add a line up along the hairline for a sharper look.


Short Takuache


Another cool thing about a Takuache hair cut is that you do not need to grow your hair particularly long to pull it off. Even if you have a quite short mane, a Cuh hair cut will still work for you. Just remember to keep the bangs straight and the sides short to recreate the signature silhouette.

Blunt Bangs Line Design


Like the majority of men hair looks, Cuh haircuts allow for various accents. Not sure how to make your blunt bangs stand out even more? Enhance them with a line design. Simple, yet impactful, you can rest assured that you will never go unnoticed.

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Short Line Up Takuache Haircut


Incorporate a short line up into your Tacuache cut to give it extra emphasis and definition. In addition to a keen look, it also makes the haircut easier to maintain. So, you are free to amplify it with a neat beard, which can also feature a line up.


Messy Waves


Wavy hair men can style their Takuache hair in a myriad of different ways. Though, if you want to add a carefree and relaxed feel to your appearance, style your locks messy. To do this, you will just need to tousle the strands on top with your hand and apply several spritzes of a hairspray to them. This hairstyle pairs really well with a Takuache hat.

Short Bald Fade Takuache Haircut


For the Edgar haircut Takuache guys love so much, there is no such a thing as too daring or too intense. That is why if you opt for a short bald fade to accompany your Takuache haircut, you should not be afraid that it will look over the top. Instead, the cut turns out perfectly balanced.

What Exactly Is A Takuache Hairstyle?

So, what is a Takuache? This is much more than simply a haircut. It is a style of life attributed to a subculture coming from Latin America. The trademark haircut of men belonging to this subculture is known as the Takuache or Edgar haircut. Other names include a Cuh haircut and a hood bowl. No matter where it originates, the Takuache cut has become popular all over the globe and no wonder. It is relatively easy to get and it works for any hair type and texture. Besides, there are so many variations of Takuaches haircut that anyone will be able to find a matching style.

With our guide, you are bound to find an ideal matching Takuache haircut for your taste and requirements. As you can tell, it ranges in hair length, texture and style. So, whenever you feel like upgrading your current Edgar Cuh haircut, you know where to find your inspo.



What’s the Takuache haircut called?

The Tacuache haircut is often referred to as the Edgar cuh haircut. You could also have seen such names as the the Cuh haircut or simply a hood bowl.

What is a Takuache Cuh?

The term “Takuache Cuh” is made up of two words – Takuache and Cuh. In Mexican American community, a Takuache is a man dressed in bootcut jeans, boots with square toes and a fitted hat. He also likes to complement his look with gold accessories, namely chains. Baile dancing is where you are most likely to find him. Cuh means cousin in slang. But Takuache boys call friends like that.

Why are they called Takuache?

While “takuache” is the Spanish for “opossum”, this is also what a modern cowboy is called. Taquache boys have their individual style, recognizable by gold chain jewelry, fitted hats and bootcut jeans.


    • Takuache is a slang term used to describe young Mexican-American men who enjoy driving large pickup trucks and wearing expensive Mexican apparel such as boots, belts and jeans. Source

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How To Wear A Takuache Haircut And Not Become A Meme (2024)
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