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1. Campbell County Health | Healthcare System in Gillette, Wyoming

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  • Campbell County Health is a local community healthcare system dedicated to caring for residents throughout Gillette, WY and the surrounding areas. Learn more.

2. CCH Central - Wolters Kluwer

  • A fully integrated, central database of accounting software which can intelligently share information wherever and whenever it's needed.

  • A fully integrated, central database of accounting software which can intelligently share information wherever and whenever it’s needed.

3. Staff and provider login | CCDHB - Capital & Coast District Health Board

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5. Campbell County Health - Facebook

  • Schedule your Men's Wellness Screening today by calling 307-688-6000. #CCMG #CCMG #CCH #cchwyo #PreventiveCare #MensHealth.

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6. Canterbury Christ Church University: Home

  • Find your perfect course at a supportive, friendly university ranked 1st in the UK for graduates in employment (HESA: Graduate Outcomes 2023).

7. ProStaff

  • ProStaff is the easy, efficient way to organize your staff schedules and assignment planning. Our three modules: Audit, Tax/Task, and Performance Management ...

  • ProStaff is the easy, efficient way to organize your staff schedules and assignment planning. Our three modules: Audit, Tax/Task, and Performance Management provide a complete firm wide solution to handle all of your accounting needs.

8. StaffNet | The University of Manchester

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  • We're celebrating our 200th anniversary! Find out more about our bicentenary.

9. Modesto Junior College - MJC

  • Modesto Junior College has served Modesto and surrounding areas since 1921 and is now a proud Hispanic Serving Institution. Over the past 100 years, ...

  • Modesto Junior College has served Modesto and surrounding areas since 1921 and is now a proud Hispanic Serving Institution. Over the past 100 years, several hundred thousand people have enrolled in MJC courses. MJC boasts 87 associate degrees, 1 baccalaureate degree program and a wide range of courses including agriculture, career technical training, community education, Allied Health, and general education. MJC's mission is to empower students to discover opportunities and reach their goals through access to and inclusion in higher education.

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  • 29 mei 2014 · Read Cch annual report 2013 by coonara on Issuu and browse thousands of other publications on our platform. Start here!

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12. [PDF] January-June 2010 - Des Plaines Public Library

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13. Full text of "The Times , 1974, UK, English" - Internet Archive

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Cch Staffnet (2024)


When was Campbell County Memorial Hospital built? ›

Company History

In June of 1953, a 31-bed, red brick hospital was built in Gillette at a cost of $275,000. Four physicians and one visiting surgeon served the community of 2,190, which was then on the brink of an oil boom.

What is the mission statement of Campbell County Health? ›

Our mission is serving our community by providing a lifetime of care with dedication, skill and compassion. We will live our mission through utmost care, courtesy, integrity and teamwork every day!

When was Salem Memorial Hospital built? ›

Our first hospital was opened in the former Oregon State School for the Blind in 1896. In late 1895, Mrs. J.J. Murphy raised $752 with help from local farmers, grocers, shop owners to renovate the building near the Thomas Kay Woolen Mill.

Does Gillette Wy have a hospital? ›

Campbell County Memorial Hospital | Healthcare in Gillette, WY.

What is the purpose of the mission statement in healthcare? ›

As a formal written document intended to capture an organization's unique and enduring purpose, practices, and core values, the mission statement is considered to be critical to the organizational success of hospitals and the starting point of virtually every strategic management initiative [4].

What is the mission statement of Campbell County Schools? ›

The mission of the Campbell County School District, in partnership with students, staff, parents, and community, is to do “Whatever It Takes” to ensure our students' success in college, career, and life.

What are the values of Campbell University? ›

Our faculty, staff and students value teamwork, leadership, professionalism, integrity, diversity, and the ethical treatment of all humanity.

When was Memorial City hospital built? ›

The hospital opened in 1971 as Memorial City General Hospital and took its current name in 1988. As of 2007 it had 527 beds and cares for over 25,000 patients per year. In July 2006 the hospital system and MetroNational Corp. announced plans to build the Memorial Hermann Tower.

When was the Asheville VA hospital built? ›

The military completed its largest tuberculosis hospital at Oteen, North Carolina, near the city of Asheville at the foothills of the Smokey Mountains, in early 1919.

When was Martin General hospital built? ›

Ground was broken on the hospital in April 1968. It was originally named the Los Angeles County Southeast General Hospital but was soon renamed Martin Luther King Jr. General Hospital, days after the namesake's assassination. After a dedication in February, it opened on March 27, 1972, as a full-service medical center.

When was John Dempsey Hospital built? ›

John Dempsey Hospital, located in Farmington, was founded in 1975 as the teaching hospital of the University of Connecticut Health Center. It also serves as a statewide referral site for tertiary care.

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