Canada Day is on Monday. Here's what to do and where to watch fireworks in Toronto | CBC News (2024)


The country is preparing to celebrate the 157th anniversaryof Canada's founding on Monday, andevents are happening across Toronto.

Many businesses and services will be closed Monday for the statutory holiday

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Canada Day is on Monday. Here's what to do and where to watch fireworks in Toronto | CBC News (1)

The country is preparing to celebrate the 157th anniversaryof Canada's founding on Monday, andevents are happening across Toronto.

Environment Canada is forecasting a sunny day with a high of 24 C, so expect the crowds to be out in full force.

"Major events like Canada Day and Pride, which is also happening this weekend, are part of why this city is a vibrant and dynamic one," city spokespersonNitishBissonauthsaid at a news conference Friday.

"We look forward to welcoming many residents and visitors to this weekend's events."

  • Toronto's 43rd Pride weekend begins

Here is a look at the plans for Canada Day festivities,fireworks, as well as what's open and closed on the statutory holiday.

Where to watch fireworks

The city's main 14-minute fireworks display will take place at Ashbridges Bay Park, starting at 10 p.m.

Toronto police saythe event is expected to draw large crowds, and there will be a large police presence in the area to promote the safety of participants. Police said drivers should expect major delays, including on Lakeshore Boulevard E.

Fireworks will also be held atCentennial Park in Etobico*ke (256 Centennial Park Rd.),Milliken Park in Scarborough(5555 Steeles Ave. E.), and Stan Wadlow Park in East York (888 Cosburn Ave.), all at 10 p.m.

Canada Day is on Monday. Here's what to do and where to watch fireworks in Toronto | CBC News (2)

There will be no fireworks at Nathan Phillips Square, Mel Lastman Square or Fort York, the city said.

Residents are allowed to set off their own fireworks without a permit on Canada Day, but the city is reminding residents of the rules: they can only be set off on residents' private property until 11 p.m. and are not allowed in parks, on beaches, balconies, streetsor parking lots.

What to do on Canada Day

The city will be hosting family-friendly activities all dayat Amesbury Park in North York at 1507 Lawrence Ave. W. from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.Programming includes a flea market, jumping castles, food trucks, live music and fireworks.

There will also be activities held atThomson Memorial Park in Scarborough from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., includinga free pancake breakfast, live music, performances, art activities and craft vendors.

The Royal Ontario Museum will be open on Canada Day with free admission for visitors.

The Art Gallery of Ontario, which is normally closed on Mondays, will be open from10:30 a.m.to4 p.m.

The CN Tower will operate from 9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. The tower will be lit red and white at night.

Ripley's Aquarium is open all day from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Canada's Wonderland will be open throughout the weekend from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., withactivities, live music, street performers, special food and fireworks displays on Sunday and Monday night.

The Aga Khan Museum will be open with free admission and extended hours from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.The museum is hosting its Rhythms of Canada festival over the weekend, which will feature food vendors, all-ages activities,musical performances by local artists, andart from across the Muslim world.

Canada Day is on Monday. Here's what to do and where to watch fireworks in Toronto | CBC News (3)

The Toronto Zoo is open from9 a.m. to7 p.m., with early admission available to members starting at 8:30 a.m.

Cineplex theatres will be open with regular hours on Monday.

Toronto's beacheswill be open all weekend and most will be supervised from 10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.,unless otherwise noted. Beachgoers are encouraged to check the status of swim beaches before going.

All city-run outdoor pools are open and operating on a full summer schedule., from noon to 8:00 p.m. Splash pads are also open and operating daily from 9 p.m.

Ferry service to and from Toronto Island will operate fully on Monday from 8 a.m. to 11:45 p.m.

The city's nine history museums will be open with free admission. Family-friendly activities and performances in collaboration with local Chinese, Somali and Korean communities will take place at some locations. For more information visit the city's website.

Municipal golf courses will be open at regular hours during the long weekend.

High Parkand Riverdale Farm will be open to visitors all weekend.

The Eaton Centre will be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Square Onewill be open from 11 6 p.m.

What's closed on Canada Day

The St. Lawrence Market is closed on Monday.

All Toronto Public Library branches will be closed.

Canada Post will beclosed on Canada Day,with no collection or delivery of mail.

The following malls will be closed:

  • Yorkdale
  • Fairview Mall
  • Sherway Gardens
  • Shops at Don Mills
  • Dufferin Mall
  • Scarborough Town Centre

Public transit

All TTC routes will operate on a Sunday schedule on Canada Day, except service will start earlier, atapproximately 6 a.m.Any routes that normally don't operate onSundayswon'trun on Monday.

Starting at noon on Monday, the TTC willincreasesubway service on Line 2 Bloor-Danforthand run extra buses on the 22 Coxwell and 92 Woodbine South routesfor those travelling to Ashbridges Bay Park for the Canada Day fireworks display.

"The TTC anticipates that many customers will be attending the festivities. Customers are reminded that some streets may be closed and TTC routes may be required to divert," the TTC said in a statement.

Transit riders can check the service advisories page onwww.ttc.cafor updated information.

GO Transit will be running a Saturday scheduled on the Canada Day Monday.

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Canada Day is on Monday. Here's what to do and where to watch fireworks in Toronto | CBC News (2024)


Where to see fireworks on Canada Day in Toronto? ›

Firework displays will also take place at Centennial Park in Etobico*ke, Milliken Park in Scarborough, and Stan Wadlow Park in East York. All displays are expected to begin at 10 p.m.

Do Canadians do fireworks for Canada Day? ›

“There is a huge celebration in the national capital in Ottawa, which brings tens of thousands of people to Parliament Hill – those celebrations date back to the late 1950s – but in most other communities, it is pretty low key, with some communities organizing picnics and barbecues and firework displays, but nothing ...

What time are the fireworks in Canada Day in Ottawa? ›

The celebrations in the national capital will be capped off by a fireworks display at the LeBreton Flats Park around 10 p.m.

How to celebrate Canada Day? ›

Activities. Most communities across the country host organized celebrations for Canada Day, typically outdoor public events, such as parades, carnivals, festivals, barbecues, air and maritime shows, fireworks, and free musical concerts, as well as citizenship ceremonies.

What time is the fireworks at Niagara Falls on Canada Day? ›

Fireworks shows take place each night at 10pm all holiday weekend long! Prepare to witness an awe-inspiring spectacle as the skies above Niagara Falls come alive with a magnificent fireworks display.

What is the new name for Canada Day? ›

1879: A federal law makes July 1 a statutory holiday as the "anniversary of Confederation," which is later called "Dominion Day." October 27, 1982: July 1, "Dominion Day" officially becomes Canada Day.

Is Canada Day like the 4th of July? ›

Canada Day Celebrations. Many Americans ask if Canada Day is similar to Independence Day in the U.S. They are similar in that both are related to gaining independence from the United Kingdom. For Canada, however, Canada Day marks only one (but one very important) milestone on the path to full independence.

Why do Canadians celebrate Canada Day? ›

The creation of Canada Day

July 1, 1867: The British North America Act (today known as the Constitution Act, 1867 ) creates Canada. June 20, 1868: Governor General Lord Monck signs a proclamation that requests all Her Majesty's subjects across Canada to celebrate July 1.

Can you do a day trip to Niagara Falls from Toronto? ›

Leave the city behind to experience the rush of Niagara Falls—and don't worry about finding your own way there—on a full-day tour from Toronto. Learn about the region's sights, heritage, and stunning landscape from your guide as you travel to Niagara-on-the-Lake and indulge in a wine-tasting experience.

How many days would you need in Toronto? ›

With 4 days, you have plenty of time to explore some of Toronto's best neighbourhoods, shopping, restaurants, museums, and more. After this Toronto itinerary, you'll feel like you've experienced the beauty and diversity of this North American city.

Can I go to Canada in 2024? ›

On January 22, 2024, the federal government announced a two-year intake cap on study permit applications being approved. It is expected that approximately 360,000 new study permits will be issued to international students in 2024—a 35 per cent decrease compared to 2023.

Where are the fireworks for Canada Day in Toronto? ›

The City of Toronto's flagship, 14-minute fireworks display will be held at Ashbridges Bay Park starting at 10 p.m. on Monday, July 1. The City of Toronto will also host fireworks displays at the following parks starting at 10 p.m.: Centennial Park at 256 Centennial Park Rd. Milliken Park at 5555 Steeles Ave.

Do Canadians light fireworks on Canada Day? ›

I'm of the belief that fireworks on Canada Day are more than just a display of lights in the sky; they symbolize a celebration of unity, culture, and national pride. As a Canadian, I'm deeply thankful for fireworks on Canada Day because they evoke a sense of joy and togetherness among Canadians from coast to coast.

Are there fireworks in Victoria on Canada Day? ›

For the first time in Victoria's Inner Harbour, a drone show will take to the skies as part of the Canada Day programming spectacle. This seven-minute show will take place before the fireworks and feature ultra-high lumen drones, flying in beautiful, mesmerizing formations.

Can you see fireworks from Toronto Island? ›

Can I view fireworks from the island? Absolutely - it's one of the best places to see the Victoria Day or Canada Day fireworks. Very best place for viewing is the Hanlan's Beach – you're closest to “the works” there. Bring towels or blankets to sit on and to wrap yourself in on a cool evening.

Where can I watch Canada Day fireworks in Mississauga? ›

Mississauga. Celebrate Canada's 157th birthday at Celebration Square from 3 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. in the heart of Mississauga with family entertainment and activities, a live concert, Square One giveaways, food vendors serving up curbside cuisine, in partnership with Night Market TO, and a dazzling fireworks show.

Is Red Deer having fireworks on Canada Day? ›

The Red Deer Cultural Heritage Society is pleased to present this year's line-up of performers for this year's 55th annual celebration of Canada Day at Bower Ponds! Come on down and enjoy this free event, beginning at 11:30 am. Fireworks will begin at 11 pm, weather depending.

Where are fireworks in London Ontario Canada Day? ›

To celebrate the holiday, many different firework shows will be on display Monday night. In London, a free display will take place at Harris Park, beginning around 10 p.m.

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