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The Pinup Marriage Proposal

We get lots of calls to do the retro style pinup genre, but this one was a bit different. Brandee wanted to do a special gift for her boyfriend who is a huge fan of pinups and the "rockabilly" genre. She wanted to make him an album of ten images but she also had a special request… she wanted to use the viewing as an event to ask him to marry her! We were excited about this idea and so we decided that we would do a special image for her at no extra cost to allow her to pitch her proposal. We shot the session and prepared her multimedia viewing of all of her images. She was to bring him to the viewing to see the photos, but the viewing had a twist. After the last image of the viewing, a new slide came up with the words "And now I have a very important question…". This slide stayed on the screen much longer than the others to build the tension. She gave him a secretive teasing smile, and the last image came up. It was a retro styled image with a "talk bubble" that said "Will you MARRY me?".

He was blown away!

We were a little concerned. Maybe he wasn't ready for marriage? What if he said no?

But to everyone's delight, he said yes! He told her how much he loved her and that these photos were proof of how beautiful she was.

Tears flowed.

Hugs and smiles took over. And now Brandee is engaged and they have a cool photo memory of the event. As an engagement gift, we gave them a large print as our gift to celebrate their love.

How cool is that??