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How to turn a model into a statue

Our amazing statue image show one of the many ways we can use the computer to create fantastic works of art. Here, we reveal our secret to turning a model (maybe you?) into a stone statue!

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How to Spot a Talent or Model Agency Scam

There are few industries that are more alluring than the modeling and acting industries. Dreams of being famous and rich doing glamorous and exciting work are common and attract thousands of new people every month who have decided to chase this dream.

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What are the most important ingredients for success in modeling or acting?

Tips and advice on how to become a successful model

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Retouching: the path to perfection

One of the biggest concerns our clients have is about the scars, tattoos, stretch marks and other little imperfections that they would like to have hidden in the final glamour photo. But is this the only purpose of retouching?

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If you think you need to look like a super model, then think again!

Many of our clients have looked at the photos in our glamour portfolio and commented "they are beautiful. But I don't look like that. I don't think glamour or boudoir photography is for me."

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