Frequently Asked Questions

Boudoir and glamour photography has been our prime focus for many years. We still do it, though our focus is now fine art print packages. However, if this is what you are looking for, we would love to meet you and show you our portfolio of this genre.
Yes we do, however we are not an economy walk-in studio. We take as much care and attention with this area of photography as we do for all of our work.
This is not an area that we wish to work in. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend anyone in this field as it is not an area of interest for us.
Nudes, glamour, boudoir and creative female portraiture are our specialties, but we certainly are not restricted to that. We will create any vision you desire as the final art piece is for you, not for us.
Absolutely! Everyone has their own beauty and we would never pose you or suggest anything that wouldn't be flattering to you. In fact, our plus sized clients always tells us that the images are far better than they expected.
We love shooting locations! We are willing to travel anywhere, just let us know what you have in mind and we will be there!
Retouching is a normal part of the process, but we do not want to change who you are. But even the top supermodels benefit from some normal retouching like blemishes, scars, cellulite or other issues. If you have any areas of concern, let us know. We don't want you to hesitate because of these little issues.
For every print you order you will also get a digital image as well. For our boudoir or glamour shoots you will also get a CD of proof images of all the images from your session and with the wall art packages, you will get a digital image that is a high enough resolution for you to make prints to give to your friends or family.
Of course! We have a wide range of options including digitals, books or albums. But our specialty is producing fine art heritage pieces for clients who wish a legacy art piece of themselves.
Of course, it's entirely up to you. However hair and makeup is included in our packages and Oleanna is amazing with her transformations and so if you wish to do your own hair and makeup, it would be a good idea to get some advice from her first.
We have a wide range of items to work with, but for sanitary reasons, we do not supply underwear, shoes or other intimate items that should not be shared. We can discuss all of this at the free consultation.

About Family Portrait Photography

While we may be best known for our outstanding boudoir photography and our fantastic fine art photography, many of our clients return to have their family photos done as well. They are amazed at how good we can make them look in their glamour photography sessions and wonder if we can do the same for their family portraits. Well... of course we can! Who wouldn't look fantastic after having one of Oleanna's famous makeover? Who wouldn't look younger after being in our signature ultra-soft lighting? Who wouldn't look more fit and trim after having Frederick pose them in his special way?

Our prices for family photography is the same as for all our photography. We do not compete with the "Walk-in-and grin" type of discount studios because the quality that we offer, complete with the makeover and print retouching, simply cannot be obtained from "dollar store" studios.

Family photos become one of your most treasured possessions. In most cases they will hang on walls for decades and become valuable family heirlooms to the subsequent generations. This too important to trust to just anyone. Bring your family to us and the smiles will last long after the prints have been delivered!

Because our rates are for our time and not for the type of session, many clients will combine different genres in one session. So if you are doing some glamour portraiture and would like to add some family portraits to the mix as well, we can split the time so you can also have your family involved in the shoot as well.

Pets are also family!
How can we forget our wonderful little friends who have become so much a part of our families? We love animals of all kinds (we have even shot with pet snakes!) and so we would welcome you to bring your furry loved ones to our studio to include them with your memories. If your pets do not travel well, we also are happy to shoot at the location of your choice. A location shoot can be virtually anywhere and we have the facilities to create a virtual studio wherever the need arises. Whether it is natural light outdoors, available lighting indoors, or bringing our studio lights to the location, any situation can be handled with the same professional photographic results that you would expect from a traditional studio.

About Prenatal Photography

There is only one chance to record this special memory!

The window of opportunity is tight... only a few short weeks before the big day when you are at your glowing best! Throughout the life of your child, you will be taking hundreds of photos but the prenatal images are literally a once in a lifetime opportunity to create tasteful photo art that will become one of your most treasured possessions. Whether you choose a series of images, professionally printed and retouched for a keepsake album, or a fine art wall print or canvas for your home, these images will bring back the memories and magic of this special time in your life.

We encourage other family members to become involved with the prenatal photo session. Certainly the fathers should be included but it is also great to have some of the other family members involved as well. It doesn't matter if you are an expectant single mother or if you already have many other children, a prenatal photo is really, just another kind of family portrait.

Ask us about our Emerging Life Session
While many families understand the value of a prenatal shoot, we also recognize that bringing a new life into the world is a process that should be followed closely. We can offer a special package that will include the prenatal photos, photos at the hospital (delivery room or post-op) and a studio portrait session with the family and the newborn family member a few weeks after the delivery. We would also recommend a follow up shoot close to the one year birthday so that you can create an album that really celebrates the emergence of this new life into the world.

Call us well in advance of the date you are expecting delivery. Last minute bookings may be a disappointment if we are unable to fit you in because of a busy schedule. Don't plan to have the prenatal photos done too close to the predicted time as life is known to throw us curves as this time is only your doctor's best estimate. early surprises happen all the time. Also, as the date gets closer, the mother may not be feeling as perky as she was before. The last few weeks of the pregnancy doesn't show that much change and so there is no benefit from a photographic perspective to leave it too late.

Don't sweat the small stuff!
Remember that every print we produce is retouched to perfection so don't worry about any stretch marks or skin discoloration in the final images. While some people prefer to leave any of these normal issues in the image as they believe that the photo should be an accurate record of this time, others are not so pleased and would like to have the images retouched. Everyone is different both in approach and also in how their bodies react. You don't need to worry about this as we can discuss what you would prefer when you do your viewing of the photo shoot images.

Professional hair and makeup available
Things can get hectic during those final weeks and so it is highly recommended that you take advantage of our in house hair and makeup salon. Oleanna is an amazing hair stylist and makeup artist and can make any women look like a supermodel. Don't stress yourself. Let us take care of everything. Just relax, be assured that your images are going to be fantastic, and enjoy the day.

Call us when you are sure you are pregnant
Plan ahead and take care of this detail early. A small deposit will guarantee that your photo session time will be available when you need it. As a home based business, we can be reached at 403*280*8693 days, evenings and weekends.

The term "boudoir" is a French word that originated hundreds of years ago to describe the area where the elite ladies of wealth and power prepared their beauty look before venturing forth into society. Preparing for their day took several hours and involved the assistance of others for virtually every aspect of the process. Even dressing required some help, especially when corsets were fashionable, as many of the clothes were impossible to fasten by oneself. Thus the term "boudoir" became synonymous with beauty and elegance.

Today there are many photographers who claim they do boudoir photography but there are few who know how to do it well. Boudoir photography is not about lying someone on a bed in lingerie and taking their picture. The point of professional boudoir photography is to transform the subject into the very best that they can be and this process begins by understanding your subject, their strong and weak points as well as their personality so that you can create an image that is not only beautiful but also portrays their inner character. A professional boudoir photographer knows how to downplay those elements that are not so attractive and bring out or emphasize those elements that are the best parts of the subject.

It is a myth that you have to be young and thin to benefit from boudoir photography. Anyone, and I mean
anyone, can look fantastic in the hands of a professional boudoir photographer. The process starts with the consultation where you meet the photographer and makeup artist to discuss what you are looking for so we can determine the best path for you. This consultation is important for several reasons and is also important for you to meet us, so you can become comfortable working with us and to answer any questions you may have. You will be able to see our studio and our makeover salon where Oleanna does her hair and makeup work and to see some more images from our boudoir portfolio. We can discuss why you are interested in the session and make suggestions to help you better understand what we think would work best for you, discuss clothing and hair options and talk about what you wish to achieve with the final images. After meeting us, you will feel much more comfortable and relaxed for the day of your session.

The most common reason that people have for hesitating to do boudoir photography is that they have a belief that they are either too old, do not have a glamour figure or other self image concerns that make them feel that they would not look attractive enough to do boudoir photos. I think that most people miss the point of boudoir photography. A professional boudoir photographer can create a look and transformation for you that will bring out the best in you and downplay those elements that you are sensitive about. Everyone has their own unique beauty. You may not see it yourself, but that is the point of having the boudoir photography done in the first place, to show you how beautiful you really are. Seeing yourself through the eyes of a professional boudoir photographer will change how you see yourself. You will still be you. We are not going to change you with the computer or make you into someone who doesn't look like you. We won't have to. You will see it yourself before you even go into the photo studio. Most women are amazed at how they look in the mirror after Oleanna has performed her hair and makeup magic. With the addition of professional studio lighting and Oleanna's help in the studio to show you how to pose and look your best, you will begin to understand that you are, in fact, far more beautiful than you may think. We can show you your progress by showing you the images we are capturing on the back of the camera. No retouching or special tricks... just you looking your very best.

The thing is that there is no risk. We are so confident that you will be blown away by your boudoir photos that we offer an iron clad guarantee of satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with the results when you see your boudoir images during the viewing, we will refund your money. Simple as that.

Frederick has over 30 years of professional photography experience and his glamour, boudoir and nude photo art images have been celebrated around the world. He has accumulated over 100 international awards and is considered to be one of the best glamour and boudoir photographers in Canada. Have a look at this video done by CTV to learn a little more about us. Our studio in Calgary has been operating for eight years but we also travel internationally and do many destination photo shoots as well.

While you may be considering doing boudoir photos as a gift, you should also consider doing it for yourself. There are few things in life that can make you see yourself differently and boost your self image. I think that every woman, no matter their age or physical type, should consider having a professional boudoir photography session. We know that if you choose Editions by Frederick, you will treasure your images for the rest of your life.
Glamour photography has been around almost as long as photography has but didn't really take off until the 1920's when motion pictures started to become popular. Hollywood starlets relied on glamour and boudoir style photography to promote their movies (and themselves) and soon a new classification of trade was born; the Glamour Photographer.

Good glamour photography was (and still is) very hard to find. Much more difficult that using a couple of soft lights and a soft focus filter, good glamour photography can make anyone look better, younger, thinner or more curvy than they would seem in real life. It is difficult to define what glamour photography really is as many of the images produced that are called glamour photographs could easily fall into other categories such as photo art, pinup or even digital photo art as elements from these categories are frequently present in glamour images. The thing that distinguishes glamour from other genres such as boudoir photography is that glamour tends to be more about the photo style of the image rather than the personality of the subject. Glamour photography images are frequently more graphic, concern themes that are more general and, while they may be sensual in nature, depicting the subject in more of a magazine style than a bedroom look is probably the biggest distinguishing factor.

So how do we achieve that glamour look? It starts with the hair and makeup. More than just understanding glamour makeup, our makeup artist and hairstylist, Oleanna, also needs to understand how this makeup reacts to studio lighting and how to optimize it for the best look. She understands that the camera sees differently than our eyes and is practiced in applying the makeup to provide the best results in the final prints. Because getting this right is so critical to the final results, Oleanna's hair and makeup artistry is highly recommended for all of our photo session packages.

In the photo studio there are many different styles of glamour lighting, depending on the desired final effect. High key lighting, for example, creates a wash of light on a white background to give the image an almost airbrushed look with no shadows at all. High key is perfect for smoothing skin and filling wrinkles, which will often take years off of any model. Another style of lighting would be the opposite of high key, where we use a dark or black background and light the subject with soft side lighting to provide a more moody result. There are hundreds of different lighting variations for glamour photography, each one providing a different feel and emotion to the final image.

Probably one of the most crucial requirements of glamour photography is the posing and composition. Oleanna has years of professional glamour modeling experience and is able to assist our clients in posing techniques that will sculpt their bodies and give them a more slender, feminine shape. Most of our clients are astounded at the result when they see their images at the viewing. But we do not change you, what you see is really you, just the best possible you after having the full glamour makeover and glamour photography treatment. It is absolutely amazing what the right pose, lighting and photographic composition can achieve.

Of course we use the best professional photography equipment available and our specialized lenses, skillfully used with the correct angles and composition, can also result in further shaping the figure and sculpting the body into the most flattering shape. Frederick has been shooting women since the early 80's and he understands how to pose, light and compose images for the best results. Frequently the difference between a good glamour photo and a great one are subtle differences lost on most wanna-be glamour photographers. Slight variations in expression, the tilt of the head or hundreds of other variables impart emotion to the final images that create passion and sensuality to an image that would otherwise be dull.

Professional glamour photography is an art and cannot be accomplished very well by most photographers. Boudoir and glamour is our specialty and if you want to look younger, thinner, more beautiful and have images that have the maximum impact, you would be hard pressed to find a better glamour and boudoir studio than Editions by Frederick!
The term "Pinup" comes from the early days of the first and second world wars. Many of the soldiers overseas were quite homesick and it became popular for them to obtain movie posters of their favorite starlets and pin them up on their lockers or in their barracks to help to raise their morale and remind them of home. Hearing about this trend, many of these movie stars created special glamour images just for the troops. It was a special gift when these soldiers received an 8"x10" glossy B&W photo from their favorite star, well... their studio, or agent, of course. Soon the term "pinup" was entrenched in the language and the rest is history.

So popular was the pinup genre that air crews painted pinups on the sides of their aircraft for good luck. The image "Betty Bombshell" seen in this portfolio is an example of that pinup style and is an excellent example of professional pinup photography.

But pinups were not limited to the wartime era. Their popularity grew and soon found themselves on the covers and inside pages of detective magazines, automotive calendars and, of course, a plethora of men's magazines. One of the most famous pinup illustrators, Alberto Vargas, became a monthly feature in Playboy magazine and featured a nude illustration accompanied with a humorous caption written by Hugh Hefner himself. The image of the robed housewife sitting on the vacuum cleaner in this pinup portfolio is a tribute to Vargas and his seminal work.

Today there are a variety of different styles of pinup imagery ranging from the retro to the more contemporary. The goal of the professional pinup photographer is to recreate the feelings and moods created by the traditional illustrators that came before us. The styles that we create in our pinup photography work vary from the old retro styles with sepia or faded color effects to the high contrast contemporary styles that emulate current pinup illustrators like Olivia De Berardinis.

When posing for a pinup photo session is is good to keep in mind that the expressions, poses and theme of the image is supposed to be exaggerated and quite "campy". Many of the old pinup images had women in everyday situations having unfortunate "accidents" that inadvertently revealed their legs or panties. Some were designed to arouse the imagination of the male viewers but the most common element was that it played to the erotic fantasies that men had at the time.

Some of the styles of pinup photography today more resemble photo art or glamour photography and as the genre continues to evolve, we can expect to see new ideas emerge. But in order for it to be classified as a pinup, the above elements must still be present.

Having a pinup photo session done for yourself is a blast! Oleanna loves the retro look and in her makeover salon she has lots of retro accessories, wigs and makeup styles to bring out the inner pinup model in any woman. We also have a variety of costumes and props to help create the feeling of the old pinup images of yesteryear. Frederick knows pinup photography inside out and can sculpt you into that classic look no matter what body type or age you are. Some of the poses we may suggest may feel unnatural at first as it is common to do a lot of bending and stretching, but when you see the results you will be amazed at how good you look.

To help you with your pinup photo session, Oleanna will also be in the studio to help you with her extensive modeling experience. Unlike many other pinup photographers, we do not expect you to just show up and "do your thing". You will be coached every step of the way and you will be able to see how your pinup photo session is progressing by viewing the raw images on the back of the camera.

We are a professional photography studio with over 30 years of professional photography experience. Our studio in Calgary is spacious, warm, private and comfortable. Our work is fully guaranteed and there is no other photo studio that can provide you with the pinup style of photographs as well as Editions by Frederick.
The creation of Steampunk themed images requires more than just adding some goggles or other props. To get it right, you need to understand the psychology and roots of the genre. We understand this genre probably better than any other photo studio.

Of course we have a wide selection of props, costumes, wigs and other accessories. We also have a wide range of steampunk themed backgrounds and computer environments. But more importantly, we get what steampunk is all about and can bring all of these elements together in a way that will create beautiful works of art.

Some steampunk images are designed to recreate a Victorian or World War II era scene in a photorealistic manner, as though you were actually there. Other steampunk images take a more glamour photography approach and use steampunk themed elements or textures to embellish the image in an artistic way. Victorian wall paper, lace, gears, clocks or industrial elements are common design elements that can be used in a more graphic manner rather than trying to become a photorealistic part of the scene.

The Steampunk genre is a hot new look that is rapidly becoming extremely popular in the photo art world. Creating these images is a whole lot of fun and the end result is a work of art that you will be proud to display.
Women's portraits are by far the most requested style of photography that our studio has. Many people think of portraits as the typical "head and shoulder" shots you get when you go to one of these "walk in and grin" discount photo studios. We are all familiar with our school portraits, our wedding portraits and portraits offered by a variety of different photo businesses. Most of us have had passport portraits. Maybe we have sat in a "portrait booth". So what is so special about portraits anyway?

Well, real portrait photographers know that portraits are not simply head and shoulder shots but are in fact a mirror into the character and personality of the subject. Portraits can be full length, location or studio, involve the use of costumes (or lack of), and can be shot is a variety of different styles and techniques.

The great Canadian portrait photographer Yousuf Karsh understood this so well. His portraits of famous people like Humphrey Bogart and Winston Churchill portrayed the very depth of their souls and brought to life their personality in a photo frame so that those who gazed upon this portrait felt that they had actually met the person themselves.

Because portraits are intended as a reflection of the character of the subject, there is no rule that says that a portrait need be a head and shoulder shot. Indeed, many fine images have been produced showing the full figure of the subject, often not even the largest element in the frame, but because it portrays the soul behind the eyes, these images are considered to be portraits.

Most people know us for our boudoir photography, our glamour photography and our fine art images. Yet any of these categories, indeed, every category on this web site, could in many cases have portraits included in them. However, for the purposes of this portfolio section, we will stick to what most people would consider to be portraits simply because it would confuse them on a web search if we strayed too far from the expected.

Glamour and boudoir portraits are far more than a simple picture. We try to bring out the inner beauty that lives inside every woman. After Oleanna has worked her makeover magic on you and Frederick has brought you to life under the flattering soft lights of the photo studio, you will be amazed at how fantastic you look.

Oleanna uses only the finest makeup products in her salon that are formulated specifically for glamour and boudoir photography. Not only does she understand hair and makeup, but she is also a professional model with hundreds of professional glamour photo shoots under her belt. Few people understand how to create the glamour look better than Oleanna. Oleanna is in the photo studio during every session to help our clients with posing, expression and to keep a watchful eye on stray hairs, wardrobe malfunctions or damaged makeup.

Frederick has the rare skill of a professional portrait photographer who knows how to bring out the best in his subjects and to capture that golden instant when their personality shines. But Frederick is also a master at lighting and composition and can create the perfect mood to bring out the best in his subjects.

So when you think of portraits, consider that many portraits can also be glamour, boudoir or even nude photo art styles and still satisfy the criteria for being a professional portrait image. Don't hesitate to call us at 403
*280*8693 to book a free consultation so we can understand who you are and how we can bring your unique personality to life.
A lot of people think that glamour photography is just for the ladies. Nothing could be further from the truth! Guys of all ages come to us for a variety of reasons. Whether you dream of a portrait of yourself as James Bond, are an actor who needs some promo shots or even if you are looking for that special soul mate and want to present yourself in the very best way, we can help you. Whatever your reasons, you can be assured that we will take the same mount of care, from the initial consultation, through the makeover and photo session to the final retouched prints, as we would with any of our female clients.

generally speaking, doing portrait photography for men differs from shooting women in the treatment of the lighting, pose and composition. Of course, men also tend to need less hair and makeup work as well but mostly the difference is in the approach to a subject.

Most women like the soft look where the lighting makes their skin look baby-smooth and their pose, expression, costume and makeup are designed to create a feminine atmosphere. Most men prefer the opposite, using lighting that is more contrasty to bring out the muscles and facial features and to create a stronger, more masculine look. But it depends on the intent of the image. A business portrait would be approached much more conservatively than a portrait of a body builder. Men also have an artistic side and are eager to produce work that is a bit more on the edgy side or to experiment with some digital photo art or fantasy scenes.

Men come to us for all kinds of reasons and not all are traditional in nature. We have shot gay men, straight men, cross dressers, people going through life changes and a whole host of other types of people who need to have the eye of a professional portrait photographer. But every person, no matter what their inclination or reason for wanting a professional portrait is first and foremost a unique individual , each with their own special personality, strengths and character.

This is why the free consultation is so important, so that we can meet, come to know each other a little better, and understand what path to take for the final photo session. While we may be best known for our creative female portraiture in the glamour, boudoir, pinup or fine art nude style, make no mistake that we approach mens portraits with the same passion and professional experience that we bring to all of our photo sessions.

Call 403
*280*8693 now to book a free, no obligation consultation. We would love to meet you and be able to show you how we can bring out the best in you and your professional portrait images.
Couples in love are our favorite subjects! While many husbands dream of having amazing glamour or boudoir photos of their wives or girlfriends, the truth is that most women would also like shots with their special guy as well. Surprisingly, men tend to be more shy about having their photo done than women are. And while guys tend to gravitate towards sensual images of the love of their life, women tend to prefer images that are more romantic of the two of them together. However, we also do a lot of engagement photos for couples who want to celebrate their big announcement and create unique images for use on their wedding announcements, displays at their wedding or even creative applications like personalized wine labels.

So doing romantic couples photography doesn't have to be very open or even that sensual. While some couples would like to have nude photos done together, it is also perfectly OK to add to your boudoir or glamour photo session some more traditional romantic couples photos that are all about you sharing your love together. Portraits taken together are often sent to other family members, used on the internet on people's Facebook pages or as a wall print to decorate the environment of the home.

There is something about having an official professional photo session done for couples that seems to cement their relationship and announce to the world that they are together and in love. There are few things that stir the emotions more than seeing a romantic couples photo of yourselves together whenever you wake up or when you are in your cozy home space.

Since many men come to the glamour or boudoir photo sessions with their wives or girlfriends, why not add a romantic couples photo session to the mix at the same time? It doesn't cost any extra as we charge by the time we spend, not by the styles of images we shoot. So if your guy has been hinting that he would like some sensual boudoir or glamour images of you, why not suggest to him to get involved as well? Once he overcomes his shyness, we can guarantee that he will love these images just as much!

Some couples would like to have their photo sessions done in their home instead of in the studio. This is no problem as all of our studio lights and photography equipment is completely portable. By setting up in your home or at the location of your choice, we can produce stunningly professional images just as if you were in the photo studio.

Life is short and creating romantic photos of yourselves together will undoubtably become one of the most important possessions you own. You can't go back in time. Waiting will not improve the quality of the images produced, it will only delay the enjoyment that you will have in possessing fantastic photo art of you both together.

Our photo session prices are among the best in the industry but our quality is second to none. Celebrate your love together by creating images that will stir your heart every time you view them and will become one of the most important things that you could ever own.
Frederick is a master of digital photo art. In fact, he has been listed as one of the top 100 professional photographers in the world for this style of creative fine art photography. To learn more about how we do these fantastic images, watch the video produced by CTV on us by clicking on the movie "Alberta Prime Time segment on Editions by Frederick" in our video section.

Frederick was one of the first professional photographers to utilize computer generated imagery as part of fine art photography. He was the originator of the term "CyberSets" and was creating digital photo art on large mainframe computers even before the personal computer was invented. He actually took several years away from his professional photography career to study computer graphics in New York, Los Angeles and here in Calgary to develop his skills in this exciting new field.

Most people are familiar with computer generated images now as they have become a staple of the motion picture and television industry. But few people understand the amount of work that is required to create these amazing images. There is a perception that if something is generated on a computer that it is merely a "button push" in order to create the image. Nothing could be further from the truth. The computer is just another tool, and like all tools, the final result depends on the skill of those who use it. Frederick is a master of digital photo art creation. Many of the images you see here in this
portfolio have won numerous international awards and have hung in galleries around the world.

Clients who have commissioned their own CyberSet creations have found their canvas reproduction to be appraised at thousands of dollars more than what they paid to have it produced, making this type of
creative professional photography not only a fantastic art piece to own but also a wise investment that will appreciate their estate and become a family heirloom.

Depending on what is required, the cost of producing this kind of photographic art need not be outrageous. Simple green screen compositions with our existing backgrounds can be done quite economically though a custom created environment may take weeks to create and so would be priced accordingly.

The free consultation is a crucial element to planning out the production of your digital photo art. We will look at what you are trying to achieve and consider your budget to suggest a path that will allow almost anyone to own an original digital photo art masterpiece by Frederick. This is just something you cannot do yourself and, in fact, there are virtually no other photography studios in Canada that can come close to producing the quality and creative style of this kind of digital photo art photography as
Editions by Frederick.

It's free to inquire. Book a free, no obligation, consultation with us by calling 403